5 Facebook Post Templates that are Guaranteed to Drive Fan Engagement

The term “engagement” has become another overused buzzword just like “leverage” and “transparency.” When it comes to Facebook Pages though, engagement is the only thing that matters.

You want your wall posts to pop up in people’s feeds. This doesn’t happen automatically though. Facebook as a super secret algorithm that includes some posts while excluding others. What gets included? Posts from pages and profiles that someone interacts with on a regular basis. Get people to come to your page frequently ad your posts will appear in their news feeds. Get those same people to interact with your posts and you’ll start popping up in the news feeds of their friends.

When you’ve increased your reach within the world of Facebook, then you can start pitching your business to a receptive and interested audience.

1. Provocative statement that your target market will like. (we recommend you like this)

Make a statement and place (we recommend you like this) below it so your post looks like this:

This is just a simple call to action. Make things easy by telling people exactly what you want them to do.

2. Click like if…

Same type of post with the call to action before the statement. This will let you mix things up a bit more.

3. Option A or Option B?

Give people two options and don’t contextualize it. People will want to debate the context and offer their opinions at the same time. The question is also really easy to answer, lowering the barrier to participating. Post the winner the next day.

4. Use a _______.

Seriously, use a _______. It’ll encourage people to fill in the blank with a comment. Pick a topic people get fired up about and you’ll probably get a debate going too. Take the most creative, funniest, or popular answer and post it the next day.

5. Facebook Poll

Facebook has made it super easy to post polls and questions. Not only is engagement super high but they tend to bring in votes long after you’ve posted them. It’s also a perfect opportunity to get to know our target market more and do some customer research. Which magazine do they like more? Night owls or early birds? Which sports? The list is endless.

Won’t people get tired of these templates?

If you use these templates exclusively for years on end then yes, your content is going to a get a little boring. You’ll want to mix things up a bit but these templates should be the core of your Facebook content. Get creative and come up with post cycles that cover 3 or 4 days. Also work in photos any chance you get. Facebook rose to dominance with photos, make good use of it.

Should I focus on likes or comments?

If you have to choose, focus on comments. Compared to likes, comments are included in news feeds far more frequently but they’re also harder to get. Balancing between the two is the best idea.


Has one of these post templates worked beautifully for you? Throw me a link in the comments and I’ll personally like your Facebook page.


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  • Steve October 22, 2015, 7:36 pm

    This was refreshing post to read. I like your ideas and will try to implement them into my posts. Thank you for the great tip and I like #1, #2 and #4 the best. Was a good thought on #4 using the blank I was already filling it in myself while I was reading it.


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