7 Reasons to Create a Facebook Page Instead of a Profile for Your Business

Over the last several years, Facebook has drastically changed what types of accounts they offer. This has produced some confusion on whether a Facebook page or profile is the best option for a business. Here are 7 reasons why you should create a Facebook page:

1. Facebook won’t delete your account.

Facebook actively deletes Facebook profiles that are being used for business. I’ve heard of numerous stories of profiles being deleted without any warning. Avoid this from the start and build a Facebook page instead of a profile.

2. You can have an unlimited number of fans.

Profiles are all limited to only having 5,000 friends. This is a relatively easy limit to hit as a business. Once you hit it, you simply will not be able to connect with more people on Facebook.

Facebook pages allow an unlimited number of fans and will easily scale with you.

3. You can track everything.

All Facebook pages include Facebook Insights which lets you analyze your progress on Facebook. You’ll be able to analyze monthly active users, page interactions, and the effectiveness of individual posts. This means you’ll know when your Facebook campaigns are working and when they’re not.

4. You can integrate your page with your Facebook ads.

There are several types of Facebook ads. One of them allows people to like you right from the ad. This is perfect for building a fan page and increasing the reach of your Facebook posts. You can’t do this with a Facebook profile.

5. You can customize your page.

You’ll be able to build customized pages within Facebook as you grow. Many businesses use these to run contests or build ecommerce functionality right into Facebook. For examples, Delta lets fans purchase tickets right from Facebook. Companies like Wildfire have built easy plugins for you to build out your own Facebook page.

6. It’s much easier to manage a page.

If you have your own profile, you’ll have to constantly log out and log back in whenever you want to switch between your business and your personal profile. With pages, you can easily access everything while logged in on your own profile. Your posts will automatically be posted from your Facebook page, not your personal profile. This will save you a lot of time not having to switch back and forth.

7. Multiple people can easily manage a page.

As you build your business and you either outsource or delegate the management of your Facebook page, simply add another person as an admin of the page. They’ll then have full access and can take over where you left off. With profiles, you’ll have to give them your login information which you should try to avoid whenever possible.


For those of you already using Facebook pages, what other advantages have you found?

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  • Anja Skrba May 25, 2015, 10:13 am

    The possibility of tracking everything is what I like the most about fb pages! It’s so much easier to do statistics and analyze your ratings.

    I know it’s older, but still it’s a very resourceful post and I had to share it on my fb and tw!

    Thaks for this Lars!

    • Lars Lofgren May 26, 2015, 4:38 pm

      Thanks Anja! I’m glad it’s still useful. Facebook as made quite a few changes to their Pages and Insights over the years. 🙂


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